Firs Primary School is a large, friendly school serving a vibrant and diverse community on the edge of Castle Bromwich in the Bromford and Hodge Hill Ward. At Firs, the rights of all children to make a positive future contribution to society are respected by prioritising learning. We challenge pupils to attain high academic and personal outcomes—setting and achieving ambitious goals in all they do. Our five keys to emotional well-being ensure conditions for learning are right. Our curriculum is broad, balanced, and flexible—meeting individual needs and interests, building on children’s natural curiosity. Our expectations and values encourage pupils to work and play together positively, developing mutual respect by understanding each other’s cultures, faiths and opinions. When visiting, you immediately notice the positive learning behaviour of our children and the enthusiasm and warmth of our staff. The Firs family is built on successful relationships—with parents, the community, other schools in Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust, and beyond. A good education comes from a partnership between home and school—your children are on a lifelong journey of learning; we are privileged Firs Primary School is where the journey begins.

At Firs, our rules boil down to three key ideas—everyone thinks and acts in a way that shows they’re:

Ready, Respectful, Safe

Pupils’ well-being and fundamental British values sit at the heart of what we do an are fully supported by our 5 Keys to Emotional Wellbeing values:


We make sure that our pupils always have a go—knowing that mistakes are an important part of learning. It’s about them always trying to improve themselves and their work. We teach emotional resilience—helping pupils think positively and be healthy in mind and body.

Planning for success

Your children deserve the best outcomes in their learning and personal goals. They need the same chances as other children their age. We help pupils to aim high, aspire, and always be their best.

Knowing about life and its rules

We prepare pupils positively for life in modern Britain, and teach them about democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty—we are committed to becoming a UNICEF Rights Respecting School.

Respecting difference

At Firs, everyone is equal, and everyone is unique. Everyone has the right to be heard. We celebrate and talk about what makes us different and what makes us the same. We promote mutual respect and tolerance, including for those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Connecting and belonging

Firs is a family we all belong to. We have year groups, classes, houses, teams, and clubs too– children thrive when they know they belong, can contribute and are valued. Our posters say, ‘If you want to feel good, do good’. As a school, we belong to our community. We will continue to work in direct partnership with you as parents and other local groups.

The values above are embedded into the school curriculum and are delivered during assembly periods.  During each week our children focus on a particular value through the theme of the week. Please click on the link below to view Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 posters:

Key Stage 1 – 5 Keys to Emotional Wellbeing

Key Stage 2 – 5 Keys to Emotional Wellbeing

We are Firs Primary School