In maths at Firs Primary we aim to :

  • Foster positive attitudes, fascination and excitement of discovery through the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts.
  • Develop a ‘can do’ attitude for our children and perceive themselves as mathematicians.
  • Broaden children’s knowledge and understanding of how mathematics is used in the wider world.
  • Enable children to use and understand mathematical language and recognise its importance as a language for communication and thinking


Taken from the AET curriculum, Firs Primary plan and deliver Maths lessons following a 5 part model. All children begin at the representing stage and are then encouraged to move through a 5 part process of learning.  This ensures that all children have the opportunities to make progress and work towards age related expectations (thinking).

Weekly planning is produced following the units within the AET Medium Term Plans.  Within the medium term plans, suggested teaching hours are identified (many equate to roughly two weeks).  Lesson objectives are then taken from the medium term plans, many of which will cover two to three lessons, dependent on the children’s understanding.  In most year groups, the representing stage will take a whole lesson, ensuring the children have gained a good understanding before moving into the fluency stage.  Providing the children have demonstrated their understanding in each stage, they can move onto the next stage.

Classroom environments

Every classroom is expected to have a Maths working wall that presents the 5 part model, including all non-negotiables outlined in the Maths handbook.  The working wall is to be used effectively with all tasks placed into the plastic wallets beneath each coloured strip, enabling children to progress through the model.