In Reading we aim to:

  • Use Minerva Learning for questions linked to KPIs/domains – based on SATs questions.
  • Use the Minerva Domain Games to have additional activities.
  • Deliver a 5 part model – like Maths, children build on their skills to progress throughout the week/unit (all boards to look the same).
  • LA/SEN – primarily focus on Retrieval skills but encourage children to verbally answer questions linked to other, more complex, domains/KPIs.

Why focus on Reading:

Improve children’s fluency.

Embed and build upon comprehension skills.

Encourage all children to enjoy reading.

Encourage children to constantly ask questions and predict.

Build children’s confidence with understanding different texts.

What is Minerva Learning:

8 skills called ‘domains’ (first 4-5 KS1; all 8 KS2)

Each domain focuses on a reading skill

Each skill links to one or more of the KPIs from the N. Curriculum

Each domain provides example questions (taken from SATs)