Reporting procedures to parents

The school ensures that parents are provided with with clear information at key points throughout the school, regarding the progress their child is making in relation to the standards expected.  Parents are also provided with support, guidance and materials to facilitate the progress of their child outside of the school environment.

  • Regular updates to the school website including reports directly about recent trips and activities.
  • TV screens in the reception area of the school – these are updated on a regular basis with current information about school events as well as photographs of recent activities and achievements.
  • Curriculum newsletters – these are updated on a half termly basis for each year group and uploaded to the school website.
  • Celebration assemblies and certificates – are awarded by teachers on a weekly basis. Parents are advised via text if their child has received a certificate and for what reason.
  • Concerts and Performances. Firs Primary School is very proud of the standard of performances that our pupils engage in every year. Parents are invited to attend these to see the progress and development of their children in a performing capacity rather than academic capacity.
  • Three yearly parent/open evenings. Parents are encouraged to come to parent’s nights to discuss the performance of their child.
  • In some cases parents are invited to meeting with other professionals to discuss the welfare and progress of their child, this might include the school doctor, visiting specialists, the Education Psychologist or the Learning Support team.
  • Parents are regularly communicated with by telephone conversation and the school aims to respond to calls in a timely manner.
  • Parents are often invited in to school at the end of a specific topic for class assemblies. This provides parents the opportunity to understand the work their children have been doing through a drama production.
  • Every child in the school receives a detailed annual progress report.

Parent Volunteers

The parent volunteer programme is designed to encourage “lifelong learning” by developing the skill set of our parents and empowering them, whilst also providing valuable support for our children’s learning too. The parent volunteers support all phases of the school by supporting a range of different subjects such as Reading, Writing, Maths and Art. The volunteers provide an additional support to our children in school and are a valuable resource in supporting the progress of our children.