Key Headline


The outcomes from national tests, taken at the end of each Key Stage, are the key indicators of the attainment of our children. The link below is related to the end of Key Stage outcomes over the last three years.  Additional to the headline data the school also measures attainment in each year group so that we are able to check if children are making good progress and are on track to reach the targets set for the end of the key stage.


Evaluating attainment is only part of the picture. The school also needs assess if children’s attainment represents good progress given their different starting points when they joined the school.   Given that schools have different intakes of children, in order to make fair comparisons, results are compared to pupils in similar circumstances to balance out any advantage, or disadvantage inherent in the children’s prior experiences.  While this enables a fairer comparison to be made between children and schools, there is also a drive to ensure certain thresholds are reached, irrespective of pupils’ prior experiences or circumstances.  The tab below is an analysis of the previous three years trend regarding progress.

Attendance and Behaviour

To ensure children can access learning the school analyse the attendance and behaviour of children on a weekly basis and half term basis.  The link below summarises the three year trend for the school regarding attendance, Persistent Absenteeism and the amount of exclusions.

Link to the DFE Performance Table