Firs Primary is a ‘community’ school in the heart of the Firs community.

Our aim is to encourage families to take a full and active part in their children’s education both at home and within the school itself. We will support families in any way we can which will allow their children to flourish, achieve their best and become well rounded, respectful citizens.

This is achieved in a variety of ways:

Parents in School

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in school life and there are many opportunities when they can do this.

We have Good Work Assemblies, Topic afternoons, special events and special assemblies that parents are welcome to attend.

Emergency Services

We have good links with the local police who support the school with any issues and come in to talk to the children about a wide variety of topics.

The Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service are always willing to visit to support topic work or provide interest at school fêtes.

Parents’ Views are Welcomed

We have an open door policy and parents are encouraged to come in and discuss problems of any sort. Their views are also welcomed and discussed by the Senior Management Team.

Community Activities

Open Door

Open Door is a space for people to join in and have a cup of tea, a bite to eat and a chat. With access to computers and internet, Open Door offers a space for people to drop-in to use them, as well as offering support with:

  • finding work & writing CVs
  • money & debt support
  • computer / internet access
  • volunteering opportunities
  • sharing skills
  • crisis support / food bank
  • accessing advice & services
  • turning ideas into reality

When: Tuesdays, 10am—12pm

Where: The Hub

Community Lunch

Community Lunch is directly after Open Door each Tuesday. It offers a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends, and try new food. People are welcome to bring a long a dish of food to share if they’d like to, but this isn’t essential, as there’s always enough food to go round!

When: Tuesdays, 12pm—2pm

Where: The Hub

Women’s Group

Women’s Group offers a space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together, share stories and skills with one another as well as enjoying a space to chat and have a coffee together. Each week different activities take place, which are based on what the group would like to do, and often those who come along to the group get involved in sharing their knowledge to the wider group, teaching one another new skills.  Activities include:

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Knitting
  • Exercise classes
  • Jewellery making
  • Card making

When: Thursdays, 9:30am—11am

Where: Ambridge House