Trust Advocacy

Washwood Heath Academy is a member of the Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust.

The MAT governance structure consists of Members and Trustees. The Board of Trustees are responsible for:

  • Agreeing the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the Trust.
  • Holding Trust and academy leaders to account.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the Trust.

Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust Trustees are:

Mr Graham Parker – Board Chair

Mr David Hawker – Vice Board Chair

Mr Clive Bailey – Safeguarding Trustee

Miss Keshia Hamilton - SEND Trustee

Ms Joan Low

Mr Hetal Parmer

Mr James Keen

Mrs Frieza Mahmood


The Board has four Board committees:

Audit Risk and Compliance Committee

  • appoint external and internal auditors
  • review the risks to the Trust
  • securing value for money

Education Standards Committee

  • monitor the progress of all young people
  • monitor the quality of teaching and learning
  • monitor safeguarding and attendance processes

Finance & Wellbeing Committee

  • monitor the Trust budget
  • monitor the academy sites in relation to maintenance and repairs
  • ensure academies have the appropriate IT provision
  • monitor staff recruitment, retention and wellbeing

Pay & Progression Committee

  • monitor the performance of staff

Trust Advocates

The Board have implemented a new model for local academy oversight. These are to be known as advocates (previously known as governors) They will:

  • support the implementation of the Trust’s Strategy
  • provide insight into the experience of young people, their parents/carers, staff and the community
  • provide stakeholder feedback to the Board

Trust Advocates for Firs Primary School are:

Chair – Jason King

Community – Vacancy

Parent/carer – Arwa Kassim

Staff – Anwar Hassan

Young People – Leanne McGuire

Parent Representatives

Parent representatives are appointed by the parent body of the school. They will support the work of the parent advocate.

Parent representative – Tiffany Nicolson

For more information in relation to Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust Governance please click here.

If you wish to contact the Trust advocate chair, you can email them on:

Or write to the Trust advocate chair c/o Firs Primary School, Dreghorn Road, Birmingham B36 8LL

If you are interested in supporting the academy as an Advocate please complete an Expression of Interest form, which will be received by the Company Secretary who will pass information to the Head of Academy for consideration.

Expression of Interest Form